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Hodge Podge: A Meal Recommendation App

Project Overview

Introducing Hodge Podge: A Case Study, a recent project that aims to help people with limited time and minimal cooking skills solve their kitchen conundrums by providing them with simple yet delicious recipes using ingredients they already have at home. This project showcases the innovative and creative approach of my team in addressing everyday problems and providing practical solutions for a better quality of life.

My Contributions

As the lead visual designer I was instrumental in the success of this project. Working with my team, I researched our target audience and created a brand that perfectly aligned with their preferences. I then brought that brand to life by designing the wireframes, final UI design, and logos for the application.

iphone 12 mockup.png

The Approach.

The design process began by defining our target audience and identifying their needs. We then develop a strategy for creating a design that would make the Hodge Podge app stand out. We focused on creating an app that was functional and visually stunning while still meeting the established needs.

Identifying the User.

In our pursuit of crafting a user-centric experience, my research team and I embarked on the initial phase by conceptualizing a preliminary persona. This foundational step stemmed from our collective insights and understanding of the potential user base for our app. While not rooted in empirical data, this persona played a pivotal role in shaping our research strategy, guiding us towards a comprehensive and targeted approach. It served as a compass, directing the formation of a robust research plan, laying the groundwork for deeper empirical investigations and ensuring a more refined understanding of our users' needs and aspirations.


User Flow

HodgePodge User Flow.png

This outline served as the foundation for developing a comprehensive user flow with my team. The user flow was designed to illustrate how a user would seamlessly navigate through key tasks such as creating a new account, logging in with an existing account, adding items to their virtual "fridge," and accessing recipes based on those items. This collaborative effort aimed to enhance the app's user experience and functionality.

The Solution.

The solution is an intuitive app that streamlines the cooking experience. Users can access it through new or existing accounts created via email or social login. Upon login, they populate their virtual "fridge" with available ingredients, easily added from a comprehensive library or popular suggestions. The app generates recipe suggestions based on these items, displaying three recipes at a time and offering more upon request. Users can explore a broader recipe library sourced from reputable blogs and websites. Additionally, they can curate a list of favorite recipes for quick access, prioritizing the most recently saved ones. The app aims to present recipes with simple ingredients, clear instructions, and quick preparation times, fostering users' confidence in their cooking abilities without overwhelming them with excessive options. Ultimately, the goal is to create a returning user base by gradually enhancing their culinary skills and comfort in the kitchen.

mock opening.png
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